Saturday, March 10, 2012


YAM look. looks good huh :)

WOWWWW, its been almost a year didnt update this blog, almost forget about it. saw someone "decorate" their blogg with lots of pictures and beautiful theme that only recall my memories that i have a BLOG toooo. hell there, i dont know what to write..............................

it's holidayyyyyy, weeeee! everyone was waiting for it.
when holidays come, some will do something meaningful, some will spent their holiday "targetless" .
i am the one who spend my holiday "TARGETLESS", sometimes, i will plan my holiday full with activities. yet, i never ever going with my plan during the holidaysssssssssssssssss.

it is time to study for the exam which is coming after the holidays, LAZY is the best word to describe myself.
every time in every minute in every second, i reminded myself to study for only 30 mins. i just cant do it. ): i will look for some excuses NOT TO STUDY. -.- this is not an attitude for the TOP student in the school. well, i am not the TOP! sooooooo, lets skip the "STUDY" in the timetable of HOLIDAYYYY.

lets show some doggy's picture ...

 looks simply.

 GOLDEN, and the back one named TERRI  :D

 look at the camera please..