Friday, March 18, 2011

owhh myyy JUNK FOOD! =X

let seee, FRIDAY =(
the time pass swiftly. *owh i hate! 
but seems like my mouth not going to recover - -
ewwwwwww, swollen for few dayssss!

TOP 10, chang kun shui!
i am really scare of you =(
you make me scare for a week.

i am really regret to make the choice.
- pull out my teeth! 
i cant eat any hard things at all. 囧

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

O.M.G 0.0

*look at my terrible face =X

baba- nampak? xD

fever before my face swollen.
horrible holiday. hahaha.
going to do finish my homework!!

feels fly (:

Saturday, March 12, 2011


* yam xiu please =')

from the standardized test i found that my physics is actually poor.
i don't even pass it. desperate again and again. 
i doesn't mean to blame any teacher, i felt sorry for mr. chang kun shui. - -
i think i cant escape from the fate of TOP 10 that set by mr chang. 
although, i hate to be punished yet, i failed to jump out from TOP 10. =(

i hate myself being careless always. i hate myself being stupid always.
i hate myself being foolish always. i hate myself being lazy always.

in this standardized test i didnt think about to give up any subject.
yet, i failed some of them.
it's hurt! being careless is just a excuse for myself.
being foolish is just a crazy way for telling myself not to be desperate.

i feel stressful sometimes, i complaint myself for many many times.
sometimes, i really think to escape from my school life just not to face those exam and my sucks result.
i failed in my first test, the feel is horrible. 
i dunwan to be the last in my class.

keep telling myself not to be careless again and again. 

hope i will be fine soon.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

i need you! :D

* fat hao!! xD

exam! tadaaaaaa! *
i dont even touch a book - -
gratz me :(

aiksss, school life.
i wondering why i MUST  be talking ni the class.
the right!
i cant control my tongue .__.

and you YOU you,
i really didnt mean to ... just now.

fine, thats all :)