Tuesday, December 28, 2010


*qisin one! -.-

*boon hse :D

* tongue! :)

* mah jiok lou -.-

* mah jiok maine! x)

hmm, no africa der? she deleted all her photo lahh! TT
aikss, not to talk muchhh!
6 days to go, hey chong hwa. i am back! -.-

pei you force me to write about her,
heyyy, you you! remember we must recess together everyday! x)
where's my letter? :D


Friday, December 24, 2010

school. hug, please :(

*school look!! :D -yongshui zz

back to school for two days for taking two results -.-
not really satisfy for my PMR, my english get boy leaaaa :(
how disappointed TT
no more about result! x)
heheheh, shuen, en! 
cheer up! we get the same result leaaa! 
celebrate for it please :D

hmmm, went to jusco for watch movie after taking result!
with, many many many -.-
i forgot who adi LOL ><
i hate chi xiang! you stole mine and others popcorn TT
then everyone thought that i stole their popcorn. 
blame me after the movie ends. TT
screw you chi xiang! dont want sit beside you anymore -.-

thats alll! :D

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

fragrant! =D

* bad photographer -.- i know :D
cupcakessss! ate it just now!! pretty sweet and nice, milky smell  and yummy 8D

* i like this :D looks weird -.-

aikkss, i havent bath since back from mv till now -.-
nvm, fragrant smell still following me :D
hehe, i am lazy to bath lahhh, really :(
no wonder peh peh called me as BUSUK! weihh, i got a nice smell with me please x)

hmm, what's new today? actually nothing!!
tomorrow (22/12) uec result :D
i am going back to school because i had forgot my candidate ID -.-
pretty people with a bad memory, how waste :D
PMR (23/12) GREAT!
remember to look at my malay's grade! sure B,C,D if i am not mistaken.
miracle wont stand beside me so thats why i hate malay, i got it bad always :(
UEC's malay -.- same B C D :D
thanks god ;)

hmmm, like nothing to post!
thats the latest news about ONG XIAN HUE.

Monday, December 20, 2010


*taken by my didi 12.53 am :)

hi, my cutie dumped blog :D
i'm gonna to update you now!
you will be the latest news on the notice board of famous the ONG XIAN HUE :D
hmmm, i read my older post just now, i found that i am much mature than last time 
teheee x)

i like mature than childish (=
hmmm! vampire diaries need to wait about a month for a new epi -.-
i gonna die in the month of waiting, hmm! pei you, die together :D
we become a vampire with an undead body x)

vampire fever now @@

okay, finish the vampire's story, back to my title><
i falling in love with USHER! :DDDDD
usher GOD! i like his song very very very super dumper hyper MUCH! =D
mostly cause of the bass in the song! 

i love my dear speaker! nice bass although there's some problem with it -.-
my speaker win the great sound of rain! feels warm.
addicted :D

i went to a dentist just now! :D
check up for my good teeth *teeheee -.-
who knows?!
the dentist said, poor teeth! drink milk more! =.=
aikss TT
but i am going to tell me braces! here i come!!! =D


Friday, December 17, 2010

argghhh! -.-

screw you! 

i hate you!


i'm suffering from stomachache now :(

Monday, December 13, 2010


*yong shui! :D, LOL! :D

went to teacher's house yesterday :)
i'm going to sleep D:
continue update tomorrow x)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

birthday birthday :D

*omg! i found it in a file that stay in my comp for hundred thousand million years ago.
looks weird?? xD

* big difference huh? -.-

lalalala, happy birthday to my dearest gor gor :)

screw you YIRUMA, your music make me feel desperate :(
hahahhaa! you didnt do any thing wrong, sorry YIRUMA :)
omggg, i am going to SOT!!


no more music! R&B and rock songs suits me now :(
kind of disappointed when i know i gonna be in 4s(xin) next year
i dunno the reason why. T_T
wo bu yaoooooooo! wo bu yaoooo! 4s(xin)
i say this doesn't mean i want to "cucuk" you all.
it's just out of my target. really, really :(

i got many things to write out, but not here. is in my heart :(
really really disappointed.
i hate myself D:

no point to write here, it's just disappointed and disappointed.
just like what karyan says, who cares.
yes! nobody will care this, but i CARE :(
never mind, that's all of mine ><

cares about something,
just because of you. :(

Friday, December 10, 2010

hand's up!! xD

*mommy cakap nampak 'bei go long' x))

holiday is kind of bored TT
aiksss, nothing to do without sleep,eat,play -
hehehe, tomorrowww is my gor gor's birthday :)
i want to call him BACK!! teheee
11/12 hmmm :) 06/12 nicer x)

kinda boring, lalala~ take photos become a part of my interest. * i mean self portrait
omgg. how can it be like this?
baby tonight!! the DJ got us falling in love :)

did something stupid again T_T
i want tuition leaaa :( everyone goes tuition and i am the free one online always T_T
iisshhh! i wan jump out from my boring life and turn it into CRAZY life @@
hiek hiek~ science stream :) who's gonna to same class with me next year? 
i hate strange feel please ><
GOD help me always, i know :)
i want same class with sakaisss next year :(

sakai(s) did things crazy and stupid :)
i like it sooo much, teheee xD

sorry angel TT
my own style! :)
no envy, no admire, no laughter -.-

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

tik tok tik tok :D

*yam xiuuu, nice drink! x) yipiiii!

 high heels step on the floor sound TIK TOK TIK TOK.
raindrops fall on the ground sound TIK TOK TIK TOK.
high heels on the stage sound? nothing x)

the dayy after yesterday, a day of holiday passed. :(
yohhh, gonna buy sooo many things prepare for school re-open *mafan lahh! 
yeshhh, my phone is quite recently. :D

MALAO!! mommy specially bring me the present. 
owhhh, so good ><
thanks for the bearss, how CUTE!!! <3
yiiiii, thank you very very muchhh! ahaaaa.

hmmm, gor gorrr! cepat balik!! i want go travell, teheee x)
countdown for youuu. hehehehehehe,

you're the best thing,
that's ever been mine

Monday, December 6, 2010

sparkss :)

* waiting for my birthdayy (:

today is my birthdayyy. -.-
i got no special idea to celebrate. hmmm, make it simple. i celebrate by myself :D
such a sad case, duhhh :(
i receive lot of presents though, thanks weihh *gamdong T T
thanks for those person who wish me at 12am i will never forgettt ><
special thanks to my gor gorrr, call back from england just for a wishh. thank youuu <3
my 15th birthdayy is simpleee :)
so what? *no envy*no admire*no disappointed

peiyouuu is going to board the plane to korea few minutes later, miss her leaa *souvenir please
 thats the point!! xD

hmm, this post is meaning less. thank you MALAO ANGEL CHEAN CHEAN
they send their wishes through their blog :)
i get itt! thanks alot <3

i'm not pretty as her
i might die when i forget how to breath, i got my own style! (:

Sunday, December 5, 2010

poppin (:

* the point is my hair not my look :D

bai bai, don't be sad. you done well just now ;)
thats a great experience right? cherish!

poppin in the ICE lalala~ feeling sooooo flyyyy likeee drunk????? x)
i have no idea toooooooooo finish this postttt. urghhhhh,
hmmmmmm, my shooting is finished, please wait for another episode. thanks for support. :D

hahahahaha! holiday is boring ferrr me, i got nothing to do without necessary stuff D:
keep listening to hip-hop and crazy rock songs. wowww~ just like in the PUB -.-
*acting drunk 8(
what to write now??????

ohhyaaaa, tomorrow is my birthdayyyyy x)
wooooooo, get many AWESOME present. its greatttt! hey guys, where is my birthday present? 
don't try to escape for my present. both of you all may send your wishes and present to me!
ahaaaa, nobody will like me to ask for present. yepiii, the weird person is here.
come for meeee :D

thanks for those present that giving me earlier as the BIG pooh bear from wei lun and zuo xun.
actually the present is beside my forceee, sorry. teheeeee ><
and thanks greatly to yiyun, thanks  for the necklace that hanging a POOH :)
these are special. lazy to list out otherss. owhhh, lazy bump i am. 

thanks for forcing me to update my blog. PEI YOU, CHEAN CHEAN 
for the last, where is my present? x)